Saturday, January 9, 2010

Moving on to smaller and less accommodating places

Matthew is out of ICU!

Matt is in a regular hospital room now and is currently outside the hospital chasing and trying to run over his brother, Jacob, with his wheel chair.
Did you see the seat belt?

He still has some physical therapy to finish up and then, fingers crossed, will get to come home in a couple of days!

Although Rhonda has appreciated everything Phoenix children's hospital has done, she is ready to move out of there and get back home to her other babies.
{There is his smile!}

As always, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your prayers and well wishes. We feel as though we have witnessed so many miracles through all of this.

Did we mention THANK YOU?


Jenifer said...

Wow he is starting to look like he feels so much better now. The same old Matt coming through with that sweet smile.

Lauren has been watching the blog and is so excited to be able to see Matt. She really misses him.

Cody and Lexie said...

you have been on my mind night and day.... so glad to see Matt doing better!! I hope you guys get to come home this week!!!

Nikki said...

What great news. I agree with the above comment. He is starting to look better getting color back. What do the doctors say?

sarinahbrooks said...

AWESOME news! So great! Happy Birthday Miss Rhonda and may your fairy Godmother bless you upon arriving at home again with yummy birthday treats!