Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Matthew helped find his brain tumor

This post was written by Rhonda's sister
and the events mentioned were told to me
by Rhonda.
For a look at what the rest of
Rhonda's family
was doing when everything
go here

"How did they find Matthew's brain tumor?"
It is the first question every mother who has a child with a brain wants to know.

For many months Matthew had complained of headaches.
But if you have met Matt you know that he is not a big complainer.
The headaches didn't seem to be impairing him in any way.
He also seemed to be getting the flu a lot or at least what Rhonda thought was the flu.
He would have a headache, throw up, take a nap and feel better.
It was a short flu, but still the flu in her mind.

On Wednesday December 30th Matthew had one of his headaches, but it was different.
He was crying and begging.... BEGGING to go to the Doctor.
He wanted help
any help
Even if that meant going to the doctor.
Rhonda made the appointment.
a late appointment and Matthew asked all day when he could go see the Doctor.
Rhonda was working that day so she made a list of Matt's symptoms for Chad to take to the Doctor.

The list mentioned the episodes of Headaches, vomiting, and the over the counter medications used to manage the pain.

The list did NOT mention the falling.

Matthew has a history of falling and falling a lot. He has had numerous injuries to his head from falling. In fact it was a joke in the family. It was so common that no one thought anything of it. It didn't slow Matt down and it was something we came to expect of him.

Matthew's Doctor ordered a CT scan for the very next morning, something he swears was done by inspiration only since without the knowledge of the falling he really only suspected migraines was his problem.

Matthew's Dad asked their home teachers to give Matt a blessing the morning of the scan. Rhonda admits that Chad must have been more in tune cause she saw little need for the blessing or the CT scan.

The scan was completed around noon on the 31st. The tech let Matt look at his brain never relaying any hint that anything was abnormal in anyway. Lunch was next in their plans for the day and then some shopping.

Rhonda received a phone call on her cell while they were out from a number she didn't know and therefore ignored it, but they were consistent and so she answered the second time this unknown number came up.



This is Matthew's Doctor. You need to take Matthew to Phoenix Children's Hospital now.

And that is when Rhonda's world changed.
That is when we felt so blessed that Matt asked for help
That is when we felt blessed for a Doctor who is ready to be inspired
That is when we felt blessed for home teachers who Chad felt comfortable asking to give Matthew a blessing.

Things have fallen into place as if someone was conducting everything.
Neurosurgeon on call
An empty surgery schedule with a full surgical staff ready and available
Everything covered by insurance
Family on break and ready to help.

You could say it is coincidence, but we never would.


SBrooks said...

Amazing. Truly amazing! Words don't express the gratitudes in life we all have for the promptings and spirit that directs our paths like the story you shared. Truly remarkable and just another reminder that we all are children of a heavenly father who loves us.

Love you guys! Keep up the great work!

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

that was beautiful Megan.
It was a difficult time, but I felt so calm from all those that were praying for us. I could feel their prayers.

It has all been such a blessing, and my testimony of the Lord and his plan is even stronger for the bad and the good.

Thank you for sharing this.
love, your sis

Curt said...

What a time for all of us to grow. Megan left out plenty of other spiritual tender mercies, but the way I felt when I read it once again testified of Matt's importance here on this earth and his strength in teaching us all about our Heavenly Father's plan.

Not much unlike our Savior who asked to let the bitter cup pass, Matt went into surgery saying he didn't want to go, but Rhonda and Chad knew it was the right thing to do and had to let him go... out of their care and into a really scary situation. Imagine how Rhonda and Chad felt when they sent their son in to receive the life-giving procedure that Matt needed. I would imagine that they have a sharp feeling of what our Father must have felt when sending his son into Gethsamane and on to Galgotha.

We envy your strength, Blotkamps... and we are happy to have our Matt back!

Amanda said...

It is truly an amazing story. I am so happy that everything was covered by insurance and that he was able to get right in. I hope that Matthew continues to get better and remains strong. You all have been through so much and I too, admire your strength!

Darci said...

This had brought me to tears...from the trials to the miracles that have transpired! I am so happy to know that Matthew is home and improving. All of you are still in our prayers. Love you soooo much! It is times like these that remind me just how aware Heavenly Father is of us and how He loves us! Thank you for sharing. I love the last sentence "...but we never would." So perfectly said.

Jackie Savi-Cannon said...

Thanks so much for sharing and letting your words speak.

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