Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday RHONDA!

For your birthday you get:
to stay the night in the most expensive room in all of Phoenix
you also get to share that room with your son and another patient
You get to eat cafeteria food
you get to shower in a communal bathroom
And your son with have his best day yet.
He will stink you out of the room with his manly toots and do physical therapy with out crying!
He will also make you a sponge bob square pants out of a bed pan!
Happy 29th birthday!!


Jenna said...

Happy birthday G! Glad Matt is getting better. It's so hard being in the hospital when your child is sick. Hope u come home soon!

Cyan and Dave said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda! We will keep praying that Matt can go soon. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.
Love you all!
Cyan and Dave

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda, the gift of your son's health is the best gift ever. Hope he comes home soon. Sue Weber

sarinahbrooks said...

Happy Birthday to my cute friend! May you be blessed with leaving that fancy place to the land of us and enjoy normalcy and treats from friends soo! Happy Happy!

Audra said...

Happy Birthday Rhon!!! I hope Matthew gets to come home soon!

Darci said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda!!! May all your birthday wishes come true: I'm sure the health and improvement of your Matthew is a wish granted! Love you soooo much!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! We will for ever be 29-right? Hope you both get to come home soon!

Jenifer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's good you can be at home now to celebrate.