Thursday, January 7, 2010

The good with the bad

Matthew is making strides unfortunately it comes at the cost of pain.
He is trying hard to be brave and do what the Doctors, nurses and his mom are asking him to do, but that is a lot of people telling you what to do.

Some highlights from yesterday are:
He got to leave his room for a little adventure by way of a wheel chair (twice).
2 therapy dogs visited him.
He got to chat with his brother via skype and that put a big smile on his face.

Last night they clamped the drain (kind of a trial run to see if he will need a shunt) and they said that the pressure in his head was good. (we are happy about that)

He had another MRI this morning and we are hoping to learn what the next step is today.


sarinahbrooks said...

You are doing great and I am sure you are under a ton of pressure! The picture with the pup sleeping with Matthew looks like our Indy. So cute. Remember, we are here when you need us. I think I am doing nursery again this week! :) Love ya!

Kim said...

I'm sure this is all very strange for him!! It seems like he is trying his best to feel normal again, and to please everyone! He looks great. Thanks for the update!

Nikki said...

I am sure he is feeling pulled all over but through time and faith everything will work out. Please keep updating. We adore you guys!

Jolene said...

I just wanted to let you know that I sent out an e-mail to the RS and put in a link to the blog. Everyone is so interested in knowing how he is doing. I know your sister is doing the updates - Please thank her for the whole ward.

Bon Bon said...


We continue to pray for Matthew and your family. Thanks for sharing the pictures and updates.

Micah and Bonnie Wood

Darci said...

I am just so proud of all of you! I can only imagine what you are experiencing...I know that through faith and love all will be well! We continue to pray for each of you! We love you!

Jenifer said...

The pictures with the puppies are so cute.