Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A fan for life

Matthew had some big feats today:

He now only has 3 things hooked up to him.
For breakfast he had Fruit loops, Chocolate milk and French Toast.
Sat up in a chair on his Mom's lap
He stood, with some discomfort, for about 5 minutes.
With the help of a nurse and his Mom he WALKED to the bathroom.
Final word is that the tumor was in fact benign.
His body seems to be draining the brain/spinal fluid through it's own normal process rather than the drain they installed during surgery which could mean no shunt will have to be placed.
And he wrote his name today!

He still prefers to keep quiet and lay very still but all reports say that he had a big smile on his face when a group of Arizona Cardinals players and the mascot showed up in his room.

Every day is getting better and better and we know that it is thanks to our Father in Heaven and so many people praying on behalf of our Matthew.
thank you.


Amanda said...

Such great news and progress! What a sweet, little boy. We will continue to keep him in our prayers and hope that everything continues to go well.

Nikki said...

What great news. I am so Happy that everything is working out to be positive. I am hear for you girl.

sarinahbrooks said...

AWESOME! Such great news and what a fantastic boy! Very cool on the Cardinals too.... neat that they care to come and visit. You rock! Love you guys!

Darci said...

No kidding: fan for life!!! How amazing! I am so incredibly happy to hear that your little guy is doing so well! I love the pic of all of you...know that you and your family has been on my mind constantly, always in my prayers! I don't want to call you because I'm sure you have so much going on right now...please know that I am thinking of you guys! And am so appreciative of the blog updates! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Give Matthew a super big hug for me! And thanks for adding me to your list! Yippee! All my love, Darci

Jolene said...

My brother said that the players use the balls that are signed by kids in their practices.

Jenifer said...

Thanks for letting us come visit on the same day as the Cardinals. I hope Jack is taking great care of you. Lauren and Reagan miss your cute head peeking over our fence. Can't wait to see that again.

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