Monday, October 13, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thoughts on Fall

I am super excited that it is finally October. Now it will cool off and be perfectly lovely to go out on evening strolls while my husband pushes the stroller with one hand and holds mine with the other. The boys will ride their bikes round us as we will be much to slow for them. The leaves will fall. We will look at the autumn-ey decorations people sit out on their porch and admire the intricately carved pumpkins. Hot chocolate will be served upon our return home along with some fresh baked cookies. The boys will want to finish up their homework so they can go out and kick the ball around outside. Chad and I sit on our porch swing all bundled up in a blanket as we watch the boys as well as the sun dipping down behind the horizon. Charley will yawn and curl up in our arms as she hums herself to sleep. When I put all the children to bed I will have to make sure that they are wearing their warm pj's cause they always kick their blankets off in the night. In the morning we will awake to perfect crisp autumn air and life will be perfect. I love this time of year!