Thursday, May 31, 2007

I know why we call him "Matt Matt"

It's because he never hears you the first time.
- Papa Chuck Memorial Day Weekend

That is actually pretty accurate Dad. Matthew is a very special boy. Enthusiastic. Goal oriented. Single minded. Persistent. Focused. . . I think that is why he doesn't take the time to stop and listen, or comply, or acknowledge. . . Some things to note about Matthew: When he's sweet there's nothing sweeter. When he's grouchy there's nobody grouchy-er! He likes to do everything to the maximum, 100%, no holds barred, full speed ahead. He loves his older brother and tries to do everything that Jake can do. (With his own un-coordinated "Matthew flare" of course.) But if Jacob isn't paying enough attention to our little buddy, he's not above trying to get some negative attention thrown his way. He will literally hit Jake over the head to get it. Or head butt him, or trip him, or jump on him, or start a pillow fight, wreck his Lego creation, crash his train set, change the channel during Jake's favorite show, you get the idea. But he also has a way of following Jake around like a little puppy, obeying Jacob's commands, and joining in on Jacob's schemes which usually involve putting Matthew in some sort of bodily danger. These qualities endear him to his five year old brother. It has been very heart warming over the last several months to see them become playmates, and occasionally I would even dare to say friends. He's also our Urgent Care kid. He's a magnet for head wounds, after which incurring, his natural reaction is to promptly fall asleep. Not really cry himself to sleep, it's much more of a creepy narcoleptic, eyes roll to the back of his head kind of thing. Although he's not limited to head injuries only. His little feet seem to move faster than his legs can keep up with him (back to the whole un-coordinated thing again). He is systematically replacing bruises and scrapes, as soon as one heals he's got another one, or two, or three to replace it. He doesn't really complain about the big ugly things though. If he gets a bug bite or a hang-nail watch out! He will baby a mosquito bite for days, and have a complete melt down if I try to take a splinter out of his finger. This kid is one tough cookie. If he jumps off the counter and hurts his foot, he'll be right back up there doing it again to prove a point. "SEE Mom, I CAN do it!" I have to believe it's the "prove a point theory" and not that he is intentionally TRYING to give me a heart attack. But he also seems to know instinctively when he's pushed you to your limit, or if you're upset, or just having a bad day. He can give the best squeeze your guts out hugs, and knows exactly when you need to hear a little voice say "Mom I love you". He's young enough that he's not afraid to say it in front of his friends, teachers, at full volume in the chapel when the Sacrament is being passed. . . I love this boy. He can have me dangling from the end of my rope one minute, and completely melted the next minute. I think we are definitely in for an interesting ride with this kid!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

OK Megan, this post is for you!

It is driving my sister crazy that I set up a Blog, and I still haven't posted anything. So here goes. . .

Here are some interesting(?) bits of information about me. 1) I am the mother of two very sweet and feisty boys. 2) I have a wonderful husband who is way more patient then I am, when it comes to those sweet and feisty boys. 3) I am a Cosmetologist/stylist/hairdresser whatever you want to call it, I just like to play with people's hair. 4)I have a huge fear of public speaking. 5)Roses are my favorite flower, although I usually don't discriminate (except for carnations, YUCK!) 6) I don't have a passport, but I think I should have one just in case. . . 7) Back/foot rubs are my favorite. 8) I don't really enjoy watching sports, but sometimes it's entertaining to watch my husband watching sports, he can really get into it. 9) I do not smoke or drink (which is weird for a hairdresser). 10) I'm not very outgoing, unless I'm with people I know well. 11) The last movie I saw was Shrek the Third. 12) My husband has a dog, I'm not really big on the "pet thing" since I can barely keep up with my children. 13) The last dinner date I had was with my "girls", we try to go out and catch up every month. 14) I totally Ruled the slip and slide this afternoon with my boys, I taught them some cool moves and they showed me some of their own. 15) I have green eyes. 16) My Dad has green eyes too. 17) We started a vegetable garden this year, so far, so good. 18) I love to read good books. 19) I like most kinds of music, I'm going through a "Gwen" phase right now. 20) My favorite color is red. 21) My children will be eating dinner from the snack bar at Costco tonight.

So there you go, that's about as interesting as I get these days, but if it makes Megan happy then I'm happy. Oh yeah, I don't like to contradict, but I am actually my Dad's favorite child.