Sunday, October 7, 2007

We're still alive. . . .

We've just been really busy.

Also I'm having computer troubles of my own (I feel your pain Nie Nie). Maybe my super talented, awesome, and particularly service oriented brother in law (who I know is also very busy) can be persuaded, or bribed, or something, (Megan makes promises to my husband on MY behalf when she wants something...) to come over here and take a look at this computer, which is more than just a pain in my "NECK" these days. Don't even get me started on my mouse.

Life is good otherwise. We are healthy and happy and blessed beyond measure.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Tooth #2 successfully removed. . .sort of. . .

Jacob requested that his tooth (which was barely still attached to him at all) be removed last night after he was sleeping. As you know this has worked out so nicely for us in the past. I had my trusty assistant Austin go into "stealth mode" with me for the removal of baby tooth #1 with practically no incident. (and I think he would agree it was a pretty good rush too.) So Chad and I dutifully waited, and waited, and waited until Jake finally fell asleep. Chad grabbed a flashlight and a step stool, and I climbed up on the ladder of his bunk bed and tried to get in a good position for the procedure. One tiny flick and the tooth was free. The problem with the "flick method" is that you don't actually have any grip on the tooth. So when the sleeping child closes his mouth and attempts to rollover with the thing still in there, his over anxious mother has to start shaking him and screaming at him NOT to swallow, and finger sweeping his mouth. . .

So much for a "less traumatic experience". Next time I swear I'm just going to yank the darn thing out, while promising "I'm just going to wiggle it" like my father and my father's fathers all have done since the beginning of time.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Have you ever had one of those Mondays when you wish you would have just stayed in bed?

I should have known when we were almost late for school it was one of THOSE days. Or when Matthew was crying because he wanted to go to school with Jake, and I gave him the cheap little blue Frisbee that someone gave me at work to cheer him up, and Jacob taking his turn first (Matthew didn't even get one toss) promptly throws it onto the roof of the school. Of course it was an accident, but that doesn't keep Matt from crying the entire way back to the car. Then when I get him strapped into his car seat with promises of going to play at the gym, the car doesn't start. That's weird. Try again, here we go, now it's running. For about two seconds. Now we're rolling. I have no steering. My brakes aren't working. We're in a school zone. Lovely. Two hands, all my strength, pulled into the curb. That stopped us. Try to start it again. Nope. Again. Nope. Call friend for help. She's on her way. Try again, car starts. Drive to friends house (very carefully), friend's husband looks at car. Matthew has potty accident all over friend"s bathroom floor. Friend's husband drives me to auto parts store. The guy there hooks the car up to his machine. Everything checks out, car's fine. "Have a good day". Yes that's exactly what I'm having. Take friend's husband home. Pick up Matt (now in friend's kid's underwear and shorts). Park car in garage. Try to start it again . . . just to see. Nothing. Call poor, unaware husband @ work. Launch into Bravada based tirade. Husband calmly talks me down off the ledge. Husband knows better than to say "have a good day". Matthew is wondering "next time can I have a green Frisbee?" Yes. I think that would make all the difference.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jacob is off to school

We couldn't put it off any longer, we had to let Jake start Kindergarten. I'll be honest I don't like it, but he sure seems to. He looked so grown up going off to his first big day at school. You should all be glad to know that he was cool as a cucumber. Completely confident, taking everything in stride. So, obviously his Mother's over-anxious, frantic behavior, bordering on panic, didn't reflect on him. Not that he would have noticed anyway, once we stepped on campus he was a pro! He went right to his classroom, found the table with his name on it and never looked back. Except for the 10 or 11 times I called out to him like the Paparazzi "Jacob, Jacob, I want to take your picture, look at Mommy, smile!" there were like 20 other moms doing the same thing, so it's cool. Matthew hugged him goodbye, so cute I took a picture. I hugged him goodbye and my voice started to quiver, the eyes started to burn, and that tightening of the throat thing started to happen. I scooped up Matthew made a bee line for the door and made it to the hallway before I COMPLETELY lost it. I would like to say the next two days were better, and maybe they were a little bit, poor Jacob I'm afraid he has one of those moms. . . Of course we were so excited to hear about his day when he got home. Unfortunately he came down with amnesia when we questioned him. After a long and intense interrogation this is what we got. He went to P.E., he didn't have time to eat his lunch, so he threw it away, he had a chocolate AND a white milk (now this is interesting because he had NO money to buy the milk, I had packed a drink in his lunch box) he only had time to drink the chocolate one though, he doesn't like quiet time and would like me to explain to his teacher that he's a big boy and he doesn't need it, and last but not least (certainly the thing that threw me completely over the edge) was when he announced that he got on the wrong bus. The recurring nightmare I had been having for weeks, and the thing that I worried about all day, that he would end up on the wrong bus and be lost and alone and afraid. . . (you understand how my mind works) So after my heart starts beating again I get to learn my first valuable lesson as a kindergarten mom *Don't jump to conclusions* because he's five years old and he probably didn't say that exactly the right way *keep fishing* After a few more questions it seems that all of the kids on his bus were moved to a different bus before they even left the school. So technically he did get on the wrong bus, but it was the RIGHT wrong bus to get on! So he's gotten through his first few days and somehow I've survived them too. I'm so proud of him, I guess if he can do it, then I can too.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Our Family vacation

Well, we took our first big road trip as a family.

Jacob, Jaren, and Makayla.
It started out with a pleasant surprise! Curtis and Rachel were leaving the same day, and going the same direction. We had a lot of "walkie talkie fun" all the way to Utah.

They let us stay with them @ the Johnson's cabin that night. We had such a good time traveling with them.

The next morning we were off to Yellowstone National Park. To meet up with Bruce, Sandi, Tiffany, Al, Ren, Tristan & A.J.

Ren, Matthew, and Tristan @ the bear and wolf center.

Old Faithful

Ren and Jacob

Chad, Matt, and Jake, in front of a beautiful waterfall that you can't see in this picture. . .
After Yellowstone we drove to Missoula to spend the rest of our vacation at Papa Bruce & Grammi Sandi's house.

We sure have a lot of fun in their backyard!

My knights in shining armor.

Matthew totally getting hosed by Jake.

A.J. & Matt racing. Not to mention baseball games, water balloons, BBQ's, and Grandma's "Haunted" tree. . .

Bruce, Matt, A.J., Jake, and Chad.
The boys got to have their first boat ride, and their first fishing trip!

A.J. fell in the lake, but Sandi saved him!

Matt caught his first fish. Look at the size of that thing!

On our last day we went up to Snow Bowl with Aunt Heather and Uncle Chad.

We rode the chairlift up to the top of the mountain and picked huckleberries. So much fun!

We left the next day and the boys were pirates all the way to Salt Lake City. Megan got us a beautiful room at a hotel, thanks to her Priceline skills.

We walked around Temple Square that night.

We had a lovely trip. We are so grateful that we were able to spend time together as a family, and make some really wonderful memories.

Monday, July 2, 2007

After much anticipation. . .

And a whole lot of wiggling. . .

Jacob has lost his FIRST tooth!

He named the tooth he lost "Chad Tooth"

And his new tooth (already in) has been named "A.J." I assume it is honor of his beloved Montana cousin.

That good old Tooth Fairy made a visit last night and left behind a whole entire dollar!

I guess that's some pretty good incentive to keep his teeth in good shape, The T.F. won't pay top dollar for teeth with cavities in them you know.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom's birthday is today. She is helping out up at Girl's camp on her birthday. I'm sure that there are other places that she would rather be, and other things she could be doing that would be more enjoyable. It's just another example of the type of person she is. She is always willing to help. She has SO many skills and talents, and she is always ready to share them with others. She loves the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Church and it's programs. So maybe I was wrong. Maybe there isn't anywhere else she would rather be. Happy Birthday Mom!
I love you.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Girl's Night

Finally after months of anticipation we got to have our night on the "D list"!

We had such a fun time on Saturday!

Jennifer, Megan, Barbara, Jane and I went to dinner and a show.

It's always nice to spend an evening laughing with good friends.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Here's my list (or HML) just for Megs!

The problem with this assignment for me was that I included a lot of my "faves" in my first post. Then I read everyone else's lists and I could only think of the things that were already written by other people. So I've been trying to think outside of the box and this is what I've come up with.
Some of my favorite things are:

* The sound of my boys singing along with the radio as loud as they can
* Dates with Chad
* Thunder storms
* A big fat tip @ work
* When my guys are all Handsome and dressed up
* flip flops
* Rapture perfume
* Going on trips
* baseball caps on a "bad hair day"
* Air conditioning
* People magazine
* good friends
* dessert
* jokes
* Having a clean house
* something new popping up in our garden
* A good book that I can't put down
* Winning (especially if I beat Chad)
* Pedicures
* Family Days
* When my kids play with eachother (nicely)
* Sleeping in
* Ya Ya night
* Getting packages in the mail
* I love Lucy re-runs
* Camping
* Shrimp Scampi ( my Dad's, or Carrabba's)
* Christmas lights

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Congratulations Curtis and Rachel!!!

We are so excited that Curt and Rachel are going to be having a new baby next January!!!!!

Air Jacob

It's that time of year again and basketball camp is well under way.
What a difference a year can make! He's taller, and more coordinated. He understands the game better, and he has a MUCH improved attitude this year! (even his coach noticed, I guess Jake left an impression last year. . )

Jacob can dribble and pass (which he only does when he has to), but his favorite thing to do of course is to shoot (which he does whether he's supposed to or not). And I hate to admit it but he is a total CHEATER. I think he gets it from his Uncle Curtis. . .

Chad was able to come and watch him on Thursday. Jacob was so excited when he saw Chad walk into the gym that he ran all the way across the floor screaming Daddy! Daddy! DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!! And proceeded to show off all of his dirty tricks for the rest of the hour. It was hard to tell if Chad was embarrassed or impressed.

Honestly we are both very proud of Jake he's doing extremely well, and we're glad that he's enjoying himself out there.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

My boys and their toys

Chad and the boys love to play with their Geo Trax (that's a train set for those of you who may be out of the loop when it comes to super cool toys). Chad's Grandparents Carl and Helen got Jacob his first set when he was two years old and he's been collecting them ever since. We now have just about enough of them to take over the world.

They like to make cities with them and then get several trains going at the same time (not to mention the airplane, and the boat) and then of course they like to CRASH the trains into each other and see whose train can survive. . .
Chad says that he likes to spend time playing with the boys, which I know is true. But I also know that he's having just as much fun crashing those trains as they are, and he's lucky that the boys are nice enough to share their toys with him!
I do enjoy watching them have a good time together. I almost don't care that it takes up the entire family room. . . almost. You might be interested to know that this isn't even the entire collection!

Sometimes a picture says it the best

Sunday June 3rd 2007.

When he got home from church today, Matthew had an altercation with the bunk bed.

The bunk bed won.

But don't tell Matt.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I know why we call him "Matt Matt"

It's because he never hears you the first time.
- Papa Chuck Memorial Day Weekend

That is actually pretty accurate Dad. Matthew is a very special boy. Enthusiastic. Goal oriented. Single minded. Persistent. Focused. . . I think that is why he doesn't take the time to stop and listen, or comply, or acknowledge. . . Some things to note about Matthew: When he's sweet there's nothing sweeter. When he's grouchy there's nobody grouchy-er! He likes to do everything to the maximum, 100%, no holds barred, full speed ahead. He loves his older brother and tries to do everything that Jake can do. (With his own un-coordinated "Matthew flare" of course.) But if Jacob isn't paying enough attention to our little buddy, he's not above trying to get some negative attention thrown his way. He will literally hit Jake over the head to get it. Or head butt him, or trip him, or jump on him, or start a pillow fight, wreck his Lego creation, crash his train set, change the channel during Jake's favorite show, you get the idea. But he also has a way of following Jake around like a little puppy, obeying Jacob's commands, and joining in on Jacob's schemes which usually involve putting Matthew in some sort of bodily danger. These qualities endear him to his five year old brother. It has been very heart warming over the last several months to see them become playmates, and occasionally I would even dare to say friends. He's also our Urgent Care kid. He's a magnet for head wounds, after which incurring, his natural reaction is to promptly fall asleep. Not really cry himself to sleep, it's much more of a creepy narcoleptic, eyes roll to the back of his head kind of thing. Although he's not limited to head injuries only. His little feet seem to move faster than his legs can keep up with him (back to the whole un-coordinated thing again). He is systematically replacing bruises and scrapes, as soon as one heals he's got another one, or two, or three to replace it. He doesn't really complain about the big ugly things though. If he gets a bug bite or a hang-nail watch out! He will baby a mosquito bite for days, and have a complete melt down if I try to take a splinter out of his finger. This kid is one tough cookie. If he jumps off the counter and hurts his foot, he'll be right back up there doing it again to prove a point. "SEE Mom, I CAN do it!" I have to believe it's the "prove a point theory" and not that he is intentionally TRYING to give me a heart attack. But he also seems to know instinctively when he's pushed you to your limit, or if you're upset, or just having a bad day. He can give the best squeeze your guts out hugs, and knows exactly when you need to hear a little voice say "Mom I love you". He's young enough that he's not afraid to say it in front of his friends, teachers, at full volume in the chapel when the Sacrament is being passed. . . I love this boy. He can have me dangling from the end of my rope one minute, and completely melted the next minute. I think we are definitely in for an interesting ride with this kid!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

OK Megan, this post is for you!

It is driving my sister crazy that I set up a Blog, and I still haven't posted anything. So here goes. . .

Here are some interesting(?) bits of information about me. 1) I am the mother of two very sweet and feisty boys. 2) I have a wonderful husband who is way more patient then I am, when it comes to those sweet and feisty boys. 3) I am a Cosmetologist/stylist/hairdresser whatever you want to call it, I just like to play with people's hair. 4)I have a huge fear of public speaking. 5)Roses are my favorite flower, although I usually don't discriminate (except for carnations, YUCK!) 6) I don't have a passport, but I think I should have one just in case. . . 7) Back/foot rubs are my favorite. 8) I don't really enjoy watching sports, but sometimes it's entertaining to watch my husband watching sports, he can really get into it. 9) I do not smoke or drink (which is weird for a hairdresser). 10) I'm not very outgoing, unless I'm with people I know well. 11) The last movie I saw was Shrek the Third. 12) My husband has a dog, I'm not really big on the "pet thing" since I can barely keep up with my children. 13) The last dinner date I had was with my "girls", we try to go out and catch up every month. 14) I totally Ruled the slip and slide this afternoon with my boys, I taught them some cool moves and they showed me some of their own. 15) I have green eyes. 16) My Dad has green eyes too. 17) We started a vegetable garden this year, so far, so good. 18) I love to read good books. 19) I like most kinds of music, I'm going through a "Gwen" phase right now. 20) My favorite color is red. 21) My children will be eating dinner from the snack bar at Costco tonight.

So there you go, that's about as interesting as I get these days, but if it makes Megan happy then I'm happy. Oh yeah, I don't like to contradict, but I am actually my Dad's favorite child.